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svetemcgeepic1webWe offer personal attention to individuals, couples, and families with legal concerns. Svete & McGee strives to be widely accessible as counsel on a wide variety of family law matters including divorce, dissolution, child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation modifications and child abuse and neglect. We have in-depth knowledge of Ohio Family Law and can discuss with you how the law applies to your family and your situation.

Divorce and Dissolution Attorneys
33801953_sIn Ohio, divorce differs from marriage dissolution in that divorce is frequently a solution when couples cannot
agree to all the terms involved in ending their marriage. Dissolution is used when the couple agrees to end their marriage and agrees on all issues involved. These issues may include child and spousal support, custody, and division of property. Our lawyers respect families in both divorce and dissolution actions and can advise clients on which action might work best for their situation.

Clients often wonder how long a dissolution or divorce may take. In Ohio, a marriage can be dissolved in 45 days from filing, although it may take much longer. While there is no way to predict the exact time, our attorneys can work with you to accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner suited to you.

Experienced Divorce and Family Law Attorneys
38258482_sAt the law firm of Svete & McGee Co., L.P.A. we have provided responsive, personalized legal services that address the particular needs of separating couples since 1971.

When Ohio couples decide to end their marriage, they can do so through either dissolution or divorce. Dissolution is used if both parties agree to all the terms of the termination, requiring to merely approve the agreement. Divorce is for when the parties cannot agree on the issues and require court intervention. In either case, the assistance of a knowledgeable and dedicated family law attorney can make a difference.

Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements
Custody and visitation arrangements depend on each family’s unique situation. They can be decided by agreement, or through a Court order. We generally encourage families to work together to create an arrangement that works for them. If necessary, we can go to Court to take action for our clients.

Child Support
Child support guidelines in Ohio are based on the income of both spouses and other factors. Attorneys at Svete & McGee can work with you to learn how the court will calculate child support in your case. We can also answer any questions you may have about child support in Ohio.

Spousal Support
Our law firm strives to help individuals, couples, and families through our practice of family law. This includes advocating for clients with spousal support concerns. We have in-depth knowledge of Ohio Spousal Support law and can help our clients understand their options.

The law office of Svete & McGee provides knowledgeable, thorough, and ethical family law53844663_s services. We have been proud members of our Chardon, Ohio community for over 45 years and are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients for the long term.

If you want to end your marriage, our experienced divorce and dissolution lawyers can help you choose the right course of action that is most advantageous to you. Contact our Chardon law office for a consultation.

Helping you Navigate the Process
For more than 45 years, our firm has guided couples through the intricate and emotionally challenges of ending a marriage. We have lent ample support to our clients every step of the way, including filing motions, trial appearances, custody hearings and post-decree modifications. Some divorce issues we handle involve:

  • Child custody, visitation privileges and shared parenting
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance (spousal support or alimony)
  • Property division and asset division

We’ll Be Working for You!
We take the time to understand your needs and objectives. With our thorough knowledge of family law we can help you attain them. Contact our Chardon law office to consult a responsive family law attorney who can handle your divorce with the care it deserves.

What To Do If You Are Contemplating Or Faced With Divorce There is, of course, no universal answer to this question.  The following suggestions are offered merely as general advice and an attorney should be consulted about your particular situation. Click here for more of this article.

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