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Frequently Asked Questions

questionbutton“How do I hire a lawyer?”

Svete &McGee provides the first hour of consultation free of charge. The client can then determine if he or she needs the lawyer; what services will be provided by the lawyer; and the financial arrangements.

When is a Retainer required?

In certain cases such as Divorces and other Domestic Relations cases, Criminal defenses and other contested matters, retainers are generally required. The amount of the retainer is dependent on the complexity of the matter.

The retainer is deposited in the law firm’s Trust Account (IOLTA) from which the firm withdraws the earned fees and expenses. If the retainer funds are depleted, the client will be billed for additional services rendered, or at the conclusion of the matter there are funds remaining in the trust account, they will be refunded to the client.

What is your hourly rate?

Attorneys generally charge on an hourly basis for their services based on 1/10th of an hour increments. Our example of matters handled on our hourly basis include; divorces, probate administration, estate planning, contract, leases and all other document preparation, litigation and appeals.

How do you handle Contingency Cases?

Generally, cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, malpractice, collections and similar matters are handled on a contingency basis; that is, the attorney is paid a percentage of the settlement or award.

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