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How a Client Can Help His Own Case

41432451_s1.) First and foremost, you must be truthful and give all information needed to your attorney to handle your legal case. This may be difficult if you believe certain facts may hurt your case, however, hiding these facts most often will hurt your case in the end. If your lawyer knows all the facts up front, your lawyer will have time to deal with them.

2.) It is also important that you fully cooperate with your lawyer by responding in time to your lawyer’s request for information and tell your lawyer of changes in your situation.

3.) Punctuality for meetings and legal proceedings is cost saving and respectful to the judicial system. Being late for Court can result in penalties or delays.

4.) Be respectful at all times by dressing appropriately for legal meetings and Court appearances and being polite to the Court’s staff.

5.) Communicate with your lawyer. Discuss with your lawyer your beliefs, concerns and questions. Do not assume your lawyer knows or should know when you have concerns or questions. Regular contact between you and your lawyer greatly improves your lawyer/client relationship.

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